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A land that is settled far from the country that governs it is called a:
The man who discovered Newfoundland.
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
The ruler of England that granted the charter to Sir Humphrey Gilbert in 1578.
Queen Elizabeth I
A written list of rights granted by a ruler is called a:
Sir Humphrey Gilbert's half-brother. He organized the discovery of Roanoke Island, Grenville's colony attempt, and the Lost Colony.
Sir Walter Raleigh
The man who was chosen by Sir Walter Raleigh to lead the first very unsuccessful attempt at a colony on Roanoke Island.
Sir Richard Grenville
The island discovered by Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe.
Roanoke Island
The nickname given to the colonists who disappeared when John White returned to England to get supplies.
The Lost Colony
The group of wealthy men from England who decided to start a colony in North America.
The Virginia Company of London
A part ownership of a company is called a:
The ruler of England who granted the charter to the Virginia Company
King James I
A group that makes rules and decisions is called a _____________. This group was chosen by King James for the Jamestown Colony.
The captain of the Virginia Company's expedition was:
Christopher Newport
After the English found a site to start their colony, they named it James Fort, or _________________.
This man stepped up and became a leader for the struggling colonists at Jamestown.
Captain John Smith