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the ruler of an empire
magnetic compassa
a tool sailors used to see what direction they were traveling
a group of traders traveling together
a journey taken for religious reasons
an instrument that helped sailors use the sun and stars to find their distance from the equator
a long, spoken tale repeated from one generation to the next
a time of new interest in art and science
the science that sailors use to find their direction at sea
slave trade
the buying and selling of human beings
Why did Marco Polo go to China?
to bring back goods from China to sell in Europe
What places did the Silk Road connect?
China with other lands
What was the Silk Road?
a network of land and sea routes for trading
What effect did Marco Polo's journey have on others?
People in both Europe and Asia wanted to know more about each other.
Why did Zheng He's fleet try to reach many new places?
The Chinese wanted to expand trade and show their power.
What was one result of Zheng He's voyages?
The demand for Chinese trade goods grew.
Name three effects trade had on people.
1. People learned about other cultures 2. People shared goods and ideas with others on different continents 3. People became interested in other cultures.
What became known as the "land of gold"?
Which direction did most of the caravans travel?
southward across the Sahara
What type of trade was often made in Ghana?
gold for salt
Which African kingdoms became wealthy from trade after Ghana?
Mali and Songhai
What effect did Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca have?
stronger trade ties between Mali and other Muslim nations
Why did the Vikings leave
There were conflicts with the American Indians there.
What was the Renaissance a "rebirth"?
It marked a new interest in arts and sciences.
How did the Portuguese profit from exploring the coast of Africa?
They brought home gold and slaves.
What effect did European ocean trade routes have?
lasting contact between the Eastern and Western hemispheres.