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What 3 oceans border Asia?
Indian, Pacific, and Artic
The earth's tallest peak _______ ________ is in the Himilayas
Mount Everest
What is called the Roof of the World?
Plateau of Tibet
What isa the Ring of Fire?
ring of volcanoes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes
Name 3 major rivers in India, Bangledesh, and Pakistan
Indus, Ganges, and Bramaputra
Name the 2 rivers in China
Yangtzee and Yellow
Define subcontinent
large land mass that is connected to a larger land mass
Name 7 countries that are located on the South Asian continent
Sir Lanka, India, Pakistan Bangledesh, Bhutan, Maldives, and Nepal
List 2 mountain ranges that form the border of northern India
Himalayas and Karokim
What 2 mountain ranges are on India's southern coasts?
Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats
What mountain range runs through the center of India?
Satpura range
40% of India's peopple live in northern India on the _______ Plain
The Ganges River runs into the ________ of _______
Bay of Bengal
The _______ _________ lies south of the Saptura Range
Deccan Plateau
Define monsoons
seasonal winds that blow steadily from the same direction for months
What and when was the Bengal Famine?
food disaster in 1943
What was India's green revolution?
an effort to use modern techniques and science to increase food production
What is jute?
a plant fiber used for making rope, burlap bags, and carpet backing
India is the 2nd largest producer of ______
What problems has India's industrial growth caused for its environment?
forests have benn cleared, water is polluted, and animals have died
Who were the Aryans?
warriors from 1500s B.C.
Hinduism organized India's society into the caste system. Explain this system.
You are born into a particular social group, and that determines what your job is, and who you can marry
What religion does 80% of India's people belong to?
Hinduism has many gods. Name the main 3 gods and their purposes
Hindus believe in recarnation. Explain recarnation
After the body dies, the soul is reborn into animal or human form
________ started in India about 500 B.C. but is no longer one of the major religions
140 million Indians follow the religion of _____
Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal. Why?
for his wife's body when she died
The _______ ruled Inda from the 1700s to the mid-1900s
__________ __________ led a nonviolent movement to free India from British rule
Mohandas Gandhi
India became indeoendent in ____
India was divided into India, ______, and _________. Why?
bangledesh and Pakistan; killing each other over religion
What is India's capital?
New Delhi
How many official languages does India have?
What is the Festival of Lights?
Hindu celebration marking thecoming of winter and the victory of good over evil
India makes more _____ than Hollywood
What landlocked country is surrounded by India and China?
If you are in Katmandu, what country are you in?
People in Pakistan and Bangledesh follow the religion of _______
Many people in Nepal follow the _______ religion