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Who was Eric the Red?
Eric the Red was born in 980. He was a viking, and made a journey to Iceland.
Erick T., is like this guy. they are both barbaric.
Ferdinand Magellian
He was the first person to sail at least 2/3 of the world.He came from portugal but sailed for Spain.
His name "Ferdinand" is like that of the name of the king of the country for which he sailed.
John Cabot
He sailed to Newfoundland. He also sailed in 1497 to find Asia.
Christopher Columbus
Born in 1492. The most famus explorer, he used 3 ships to sail to America. He endurered years of ridicule, he was born in Italy, while in Portagal he learned navigation.1st 2 go around the WEST.
Sir Fransis Drake
He was born in 1585. He was a daring Sea Captian. He sailed to Panama.He was a thief, and claimed San Fransisco for England. He sailed to Spice Island, and sailed around Africa.
Captian Hook.
Prince Henry
He sailed around Africa and started a navigation school.
Vasco da Gama
He was born in 1498. He was from portgal, but he sailed for spain. In 1460 he led a fleet around africa into India.
Taj Mahal
Vasco Nunez Balboa
He was born in 1513. He was the first person to sail around the pacific ocean.
Huninghton Beach.
Jaques Cartier
He was born in St. Malo, he travled to the West Indies.
Juan Ponce de Leon
He discovered Florida, and travled to the Island of Bimmini where he hoped to find the Fountian of Youth and gold.
Tuck everlasting
Francisco Pizarro
He was born in 1531. Asked King if Spain if he could sail for them. Accidently discovered and conquered the Incas. He held their king for ransom and eventually killed him.
Amarigo Vespucci
He made voyages after Columbus, he was an italian navigator, forst to know America wasn't India. Hhe named the new land "America" after him.
Henando Cortez
He was born in 1519. He discovered the coasr of California, he won the support of Charles (?) and conquered the Aztecs.
Samuel de Champlain
He was born in 1608. He established friendly relationships with the fench. He located and claimed Canada for France.
Lo' hrona