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An area that has one or more features.
Natural Resources
Things that are found in nature and are useful to people.
Renewable Resources
A natural resource that can be replaced such as wood.
Nonrenewable Resources
A natural resource that cannot be replaced once it is used such as oil.
The usual weather of a place over a long period of time.
Mississippi's climate is:
warm and wet.
Mississippi has:
long summers and short winters.
The state's climate makes it a good place for:
Geographers divide Misisssippi into regions based on types of:
land and water.
River Regions:

List at least two river regions and two facts about each.
*** Located along rivers and has rich soil
*** Lowlands- first large farms in Mississippi
*** Delta-flat and has good farmland
*** Loess-A line of cliffs that separate the Delta and the lowlands from higher lands to the east
Prairie Regions:

List at least two prairie regions and two facts about each.
***Low hills with few trees
***In the past, farmers grew cotton on the prairies
***Black Prairie-in the northeast part of the state
***Jackson Prairie- in the central part of the state
Coastal Regions:

List at least two coastal regions and two facts about each.
***Near the Gulf of Mexico
***Soil is sandy and not good for farming
***Shipping and fishing are important to this region
The Gulf Coast/The Beaches were we go on vacations
Hilly and Wooded Regions:

List at least two hilly and wooded regions and two facts about each.
***Pine Hills-in the southeast, covered with pine trees and timber and lumber are important products
***North Central Hills: covers much of the central Mississippi and the soil is red-colored and sandy
***Flatwoods-in the Northeast Mississippi and has hills, valleys and oak forests. The soil is poor
***Ponotoc Ridge- has soil good for growing fruit trees
***Tennessee Hills-has the highest elevation in the state