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Define epistle.
A letter.
Define patrician.
Upper-class men.
Define disciple.
Define republic.
Citizens who have the right to vote to select their leaders.
Define aqueduct.
Structures that carried water over long distances.
Define veto.
The rejection of a bill by the president.
Define circus.
An arena in ancient Rome.
Define consul.
Two people who lead the government.
Define martyr.
People who die for causes they believe in.
Define plebean.
Ordinary citizens.
What was one of the teachings of Jesus?
He said that there was only one god.
Define dictator.
An official who could have all the power of a king but could only hold office for 6 months.
Define messiah.
A savior.
Define province.
A unit of an empire.
Identify Nero.
Roman emperor from A.D. 54 to A.D. 68.
Define mercenary.
Foreign soldiers who fight only for pay.
Identify Jesus.
Founder of Christianity.
Identify Judea.
Name of the southern half of the Kingdom of the Israelites.
Define Gospel.
The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Christian Bible.
Identify Paul.
Disciple of Jesus.
Define inflation.
A time when there is more money with less value.