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Describe the patiots.
-opposes B rule
-group consisted of most colonists
-King George reffered to them as rebels
Describe the loyalists.
-A. colonists who remained loyal to King
-20% of colonists
-wealthy merchants
-gov't officials
-some farmers and craftworkers
-middle and S colonies
What were the advantages of the A.?
-protect homes
-knew the land
-owned rifles~good shots
-good leader~Washington
What were the disadvatages of the A.?
-oorly organized
-little gunpowder and cannons
-no navy
What were the disadvantages of the B.?
-army too far away
-news and supplies too long to travel
-risked attacks outside cities
What were the advantages of the B.?
-highly trained troops
-best navy
-move soldiers quickly up and down coast
-still had some colonist support
What are the 4 parts of the D of I?
2.natural rights
3.list of British wrongdoings
4.colonists declate that colonies become U.S.of A.
What is the preamble?
What are in the natural rights part of the D of I?
-rights that all people have frome birth
-gov't protects rights and liberties of people
-gov't fails~people can throw it out
What are in the list of B. wrongdoings part of the D of I?
-disbanding colonial legislatures
-sending out troops in time of peace
How did women influence the American Revolution?
-planted and harvested crops
-wove clothes for uniforms and blankets
-made connoons and guns
-joined husbands serving army
-cared for wounded, cooking, ect.
How did A.A. influence the American Revolution?
-not allowed to fight with patriots
-B. allowed freedom to any male who served king
-Wash. allowed free A.A. fight with A. army
-9 fought at Lexington and Concord
-2 fought at Bunker Hill
-drummers, fifers, spies, and guides (duties)
-served on A. ships
-enslaved A.A. tough choice
*flee to B. army for freedom ~consequence if caught;hanging
*work for A. army or on plantations ~B. capture and sell
-many A.A. hoping for end to slavery after war~D of I
What did the A. and B. get out of the Treaty of Paris?
-B recognized U.S. as independent nation
-borders expand form Atlantic to Miss. (no Florida)
-A were to pay loyalists for property damage during war
What were the reasons for an A. victory?
-assistance form other nations
*F supplied $,soldiers, and warships
*Spanish force attacked B. along Gulf of Mexico and Miss. valley
-Wash. respected by B. and A.
-A. knew area well
-had patriotic spirit, determination, and fighting skills
Who was the female blacksmith that helped in the war?
Handy Betsy
Who was the leader of the Green Mt. Boys?
Ethen Allen
What fort did the Green Mt. Boys take over
Ft. Ticonderoga
Describe the Olive Branch Petition.
-written by a colonist
-declared their loyalty to King George
-asked for Intolerable Act to be repealed
-King George furious ~ didn't sign
What was the 1st major battle of the Revolution?
Battle of Bunker Hill
What was the 1st major battle of the Revolution?
Battle at Bunker Hill
What 2 things did Thomas Paine write?
Common Sense and The Crisis
Who was the man from Virginia who offered a resolution?
Richard Henry Lee
Who was the younges delegate and wrote the declaration?
Thomas Jefferson
Who was a spy for the A. and was later caught and hung by the B.?
Nathan Hale
What was the battle where the A. took many hessians prisoner?
Battle of Trenton
Who was the B. general who offered a new plan to George III to stop the Patriots from getting supplies?
John Burgoyne
What battle was the major turning point for the A.?
Battle of Saratoga
Who was the French noble who brought trained soldiers to help the Patriots?
Marquis de Lafayette
Who was the Prussian who helped trained Washington's troops to march and drill?
Friedrich von Steubon
Who was the Polish engineer who helped build forts and other defenses?
Thaddeus Kosciusko
Who led the Virginia frontier fighters against the B. in the Ohio Vally?
George Rogers Clark
Who was the governor of Spain who secretly gave supplies to the Patriots cuz he favored them?
Bernardo de Galvez
Who was the A. captain who captured the Sarapis?
John Paul Jones
Who were the 2 A.A. who fought at Bunker Hill?
Peter Salem and Salem Poor
Who was the A. general from Rhode Island?
Nathanael Greene
Who was the A. general from Virginia?
Daniel Morgan
Who was the A. who led a small band of militia to attack the B. with hit and run tactic?
Francis Marion
Who was known as Swamp Fox?
Francis Marion
Who led A. troops in the battle of Yorktown to trap Cornwallis?
Admiral de Grasse