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Bernardo de Galvez
The governer of Spanish Louisiana who helped supply the American army
Betsy Ross
Sewed the first battle flag of the US, which became the national flag.
Molly Pitcher
At the battle of Monmouth she took her husband's place loading and firing cannons. She also helped "wash-out" the cannons.
On what side did the Iroquis indians join?
The loyalists and British side because they thought they'd win
Who was George rogers Clark and what did he do?
An American who led the Virginia frontier fighters against the British
Who was John Paul Jones and what was the name of the ship he sailed? What was his famous quote?
An American naval captian who sailed the Bonhomme Richard. "I have not yet begun to fight."
Describe how African Americans joined the fight in the American Revolution
In the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge many African American's fought. 1\5 of the army was African American. Prince Estabrook was wounded during Lexington and Concord...
Battle of King's Mountain
American victory on Oct. 7, 1780 in SC. It helped turn the battle of the south
Nathaniel Greene
One of the American's best generals from Rhode Island. He took control of the Continental Army in the south
Dan Morgan
American general from Virginia. Helped Greene in defense, he was right below him.
How did general Morgan win the Battle of Cowpens?
He used a tactic in which he divided the soldiers in a front and rear line. He ordered the front line to shoot 2 shots and retreat. The British chased the Americans over a hill and on the other side was the rest of the American Army.
Who was Francis Marion? What battle tactics did he use?
Aka "Swamp Fox" used SC militia to frusterate the British. He used hit and run tactics
How did Benedict Arnold betray America?
He secretly agreed to turn over West Point to the British because he felt like he wasn't getting enough credit for what he was doing.
What city did Benedict Arnold take over for Virginia?
A strip of land surrounded by water
What city did Cornwallis bring his troops to camp at? Why did he decide to camp there?
Yorktown, Virginia. He thought that at a penninsula was the perfect place to camp because if they can into trouble the British navy would have easy access to him.
Comte de Rochambeau
French general that joined Lafayette and GW at Yorktown
Admiral de Grasse
French Admiral that helped win the battle of Yorktown
The act of surrounding an enemy position in an attempt to capture it
How did the Americans and French win at Yorktown?
GW combined his forces with Lafayette and Rochambeau and blocked Cornwallis' land escape and De Grasse blockes off his water escape. The British were surrounded and had no choice but to surrender.
Who was sent to negotioate peace talks in Paris?
John Adams, Ben Franklin, John Jay, and Henry Laurens
Treaty of Paris
The British would recognize the US as an independent nation. America gets all land from Atlantic to Miss. River. Spain controls Florida. America would pay money lost in war.
Reasons why America won the revolution
Americans were spread through a huge area, the knew the geography, British were 1000s miles from home, Americans had GW, help from France and Spain, they had more spirit- not just to keep things the same.
First major battle of American Revolution
Bunker hill
Author of Common Sense
Thomas Paine
___ Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson