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Who became the leader of Islam after muhammad's death?
Abu Bakr
Who was the early Islamic doctor who compiled a medical encyclopedia that was used in Europe for centuries?
What is the Arabic word that means "submission to the will of God?"
What is the holy book containing rules and instructions that guide the lives of Muslims?
Who is the character who is the basis for the Thousand and One Nights?
Who was a group of Muslims who believed that imams should decide religious and wordly matters?
What Islamic leaders murder started a split in the Muslim community?
Who was the Berber leader in North Africa whose Muslim army invaded and conquered Spain?
Who was the strong leader whose conquests expanded Islam into the Persian Empire?
What Muslims believed that religious matters should be settled by agreement among the Muslim people
What is an Islamic leader who was considered the "successor to the Prophet."
A caliph
Early advances in Muslims' geography and astronomy were mostly related to what?
their trade
What shaped the lifestyle of the Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula?
The environment
What was Muhammad before he founded Islam?
a trader
Muslims considered Muhammad to be what?
the prophet of Islam
Muhammad accepted what as part of God's teachings?
the Bible
Who became the ruling force in the Islamic world in the 1100's?
the Turks
Where did the Turks spread Islam?
Asia Minor and across northern India
By 750 the Muslim Empire had spread into ___________, __________, and __________.
India, North Africa and Spain
Who had more rights and freedoms in the Qur'an than under Arab law?
Name three areas where Muslims contributed to the advancment.
geograhpy, medicine and astronomy
What was the reason Islam divide into two main branches?
a dispute over who should be caliph