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When was the Erie Canal Started and under whoes Leadership?
Governor De Witt Clinton of New York and 1817.
What year was it completed, how long is it and what did it link?
1825 - 363 miles long - linked Hudson river near Albany with Lake Erie at Buffalo. Greatest engineering project untaken up to that time in America
What were the 5 effects of the Erie Canal?
1. Northwest Territory eas route to the East 2 Reduced frieght costs - Stimulted growth and development of New York 4 Made NYC greatest shipping & trading centers 5 Main arter of westward migration New York to New England
What did the Pennsylvania Canal connect?
Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
What did George Stephenson do and where he is from?
England - practical steamlocomotive in 1814 built first railwary for public use.
First passenger railroad built when and where?
1828 - Baltimore and Ohio
Horse drawn cars were replaced by iron horses what is this?
What was one of the first locomotives? Who was it designed and built by.
Tom Thumb
Peter Cooper
Who invented the telegraph?
Samuel F.B. Morse
What was the telegraph?
Electrical instrument which messages could be transmitted over a wire.
What was morse code?
Messages tapped out in the form of "dots and dashes"
Where was the first telegraph line set up?
Washington, DC and Baltimore in 1844
What was the first message transmitted by telegraph and on what day?
May 24, 1844 - "What hath god wrought!"
Perfected process fo vulcanizing rubber?
Charles Goodyear
What did William T. G. Morton do? 3 things
Dentist - Introduced use of either as anesthetic (1846) discovery great boon to surgery