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what do we call an area where the people share a language, history, and set of beleifs?
Cultural Region
On a map a line that runs parellel to the equator is a line of?
What mountain region extends north and south along the Atlantic Coastal plain?
Appalachian Mountains
T or F the continent of North America includes Greenland?
What word best describes the climate of most of North America?
The Officail with the most power in Canadian government is who?
Prime Minister
What did Hernan Cortes do in 1521?
Conquered the Aztecs for Spain
T or F The Amazon is a huge river because of its many tributaries?
Most of Latin America lies in which climate region?
Tropical Zone
What marked the end of the Mexican war with the United Statesin 1848?
The treaty of Guata Loopa
In modern Mexico, why have so many people moved to the Urban areas?
they wnat to escape the poverty
In 1990, Octavio Paz won the Noble Prize for his work in what area?
In the past 50 years, most of the population growth in South America countries were what type of government?
a.rain forest
C. Cities
Many people living in Peru are descendents of the Inca who speak what language?
What is a narrow deep inlet of the sea called?
Under the Midevil system of Manoiralism, the lord of the manor recieved food and labor from the peasants in exchange for what?
In ancient Rome, a wealty landowner was called what?
In 1215, the Magna carta limited to power of who?
Leonardo Da vinci was an important artist and inventor during what period?
By the 1930's Hitler blamed his country's financial problems on who?
Western Europe
The united Kingdom has what kind of government?
Constututional Monarchy