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A time of createivity and change in the areas of political, social, economic, and cultural. and the changes in the way people viewed themselves and their world
A time of creativity and change in the areas of political, social, economic, and cultural. And the changes in the way people viewed themselves and their world; 1300-1600
wealthy supporters of the arts
school of though focusing on human potential and achievement
Renaissance Man
most versatile or well rounded person- Leonardo da Vinci
the technique of making distant objects smaller than closer objects; making it appear to be 3-D; Marriage of the Virgin
Mirror writing
da vinci's left to right italian shorthand
a perfect place where everyone was eequal in terms of wealth, social status, nd political power; written by Sir Thomas Moore
Why were patrons so key to the Renaissance starting in Italy
they were wealthy and donated money and supported the arts
what were the 3 thriving city states and what were they famous for
florence- center due to banking/ venice- trade/ rome- religion/ vatican city
Which one was the center or cradle of the Renaissance
What 2 works of michelangelo did we study
biblical scenes on the sistine chapel- ordered by the pope; physically/ emotionally demanding- vision impaired from paint falling in eyes. scenes included creation of adam, david and goliath, and crossing of the Red Sea/ David- 18 foot nude, marble statue sumbolic of power and grace
What 2 works of leonardo da vinci did we study?
Mon lisa- under glass and guard at Louver museum in Paris. self portrait or mona/ madonna Lisa Gheradini? theft of the century in 1911/ the las supper- Christ announcing hbis betrayal to 12 disciples. famous for facial expressions, numerous restorations as the mural decayed easily
what were the 3 types of plays written by shakespeare
tragedies- julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, , Hamlet, Macbeth/ comedies- Midsummer Night's Dream/ History- Richard II
What was Sir Thomas More's purpose in writing Utopia?
to show the perfect way to live and how it should be run
Protestant Reformation
the movement where new calls for reform unleashed forces that would shatter Christian unity