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Who did the republicans nominate for president w/ Aaron Burr of New York as his running mate.
Thomas Jefferson
When the republicans nominated Thomas Jefferson who was his running mate from New York?
Aaron Burr
Thomas jefferson believed in reducing the power and size of the federal government. These ideas were simialare to the French philosophy of ___ which means "let (people) do (as they choose) "
When thomas jefferson entered office he surrounded himself w/ men who shared his republicans principles. His secretary of state was his friend and fellow virrginian james madison. Who was his former secretary of treasury.
Albert Gallatin
Jefferson and Gallatin had to cut down on some costs. At that point government funds would come only from ___________- taxes on foreign imported good- and fom the sale of western lands.
customs duties
What was the act called that set up regional courts for the United States w/ 16 judges and many other judicial officals.
Judiciary Act of 1801
Who did thomas jefferson ask for his secretary of state, to serve as chief justice of the united states?
john marshall
What were sturdy vehicles topped w/ white canvas that the pioneers used to ride on??
conestoga wagons
In the 1800 the territory of the United States extended only as far west as the mississippi river. the are to the west of the river--known as the _________ belonged to spain
louisiana territory
The spanish allowed the americans to sail on the lower mississippi and trade in where?
new orleans
Who was france's leader who had plans for empires in europe and the americas who alarmed jefferson.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Jefferson wanted to learn more about the west. Who did he pick to head the expedition as his private secretary?
Meriwether Lewis
Jefferson wanted to learn more about the west. Who did he pick as the expedition's co-leader who was a friend of lewis from military?
William Clark
A group of federalists in massachusetts plotted to ___ or withedraw from the union.
For years these Barbary pirates from barbary coast states had been terrorizing the mediterranean. They demanded _____ or protection money, from European governments to let their ships pass safely .
A nation not involved in a conflict had _____ or the right to sail the seas and not take sides.
neutral rights
The practice of forcing people to serve in the navy was called what?
What was the act that republican congrss pased that stopped britain's practice of impressment and its violation of americas neutral rights?
Embargo Act
An ______ prohibits trade w. another country?
what was the act that congress passed prohibiting trade only w/ brtain and france and their colonial possessions.
Nonintercourse Act
What state became a state in 1803?
Who was a powerful Shawnee chief who built a confederacy amoung Native American nations in the Northwest?
Who was tecumseh's powerful ally
his brother known as the prophet.
Who was the american governor of the indiana territory?
General William Henry Harrison
What was the battle of tippecanoe
when harrison decided to attack teumseh when he was trying to expand his territory. Americans won
Who were republicans during madison's residency who pressed for war w/ britain?
war hawks
Loyalty to a nation and promotion of its interests above all others.
Which two guys were the leading war hawks?
Henry Clay from kentucky and john calhoun from south carolina
When and how did the war start?
Started july 1812 when general william hull led the american army from detroit into canada. Hull was met by tecumseh and his warriors. Hull surrended in detroit
Who was commander of the lake erie naval forces
Oliver hazard perry
Armed private ship
What was the treaty of ghent?
American and british represenatives signed a peace agreement in december 1814 in ghent belgium known as the treaty of ghent.
Before the treaty of ghent got to the US oe last fight happened. What was this battle called that americans had a great victory and made andrew jackson
Battle of New Orleans
the change from an agrarian society to one based on industry which began in great britain and spread to the united states around 1800.
industrial revolution
Where in America did the industrial revolution begin?
new england
why did the industrial revolution first begin in new england?
becuase new englands geograpic location also proved to be an advantage. it was close to other resources including coal and iron from nearby pennsylvania. New England also had many ports.
An economic system based on private property and free enterprise
Money for investment
The freedom of private buisnesses to operate competitively for profit w/ minimal goverment regulation
free enterprise
Scientific discoveries tat simplify work
Who created the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
A document that gives an inventor the sole legal right to an invention for a period of time
In 1814 who opened a textile plant massashusetts
francis cabot lowell
System brining manufacturing steps together in one place to increase efficiency
factory system
The inventor eli whitney started the use or __________. These were identical machine parts that could be quickly put together to make a complete product.
interchangable parts
What are some large buisnesses called/
the rise of these new corporations made it easier to sell ___ shares of ownership in a company to finance improvment and development.
The official count of a population
toll roads
Who developed a steamboat with a powerful engine.
Robert Fulton
An artificial waterway-across new york state, connecting albany on the hudson river w/ buffalo on lake erie
Seprate compartments where water levels were raised or lowered.
Loyalty to their region
what ended the era of good feelings
Federal projects, such as canals and roads, to develop the nation's transportation system
internal improvments