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a person who brought 50 settlers to New Netherland and in return received a large land grant and other special privileges
John Smith
a soldier amd adventurer
King Phillip's War
a war between the Puritan colonies in 1675-1676
identured servant
people who sold their labor in exchange for passage into america
Richard Hakluyt
english geographer who urged england to start a colony
Bacon's rebellion
a revolt against powerful colonial authority in Jamestown by Nathaniel Bacon and a group of landless frontier settlers that resulted in the burning of Jamestown in 1676
a member of the group that rejected the church of england, sailed to america and founded plymouth colony in 1620
a member of a group from england that settledin massachusetts bay colony in 1630 and sought to reform the practices of the church of england
James Ogelthorpe
founded Georgia in 1732 as a refuge for debtors
a person who believed all people should live in peace and harmony, accepted different religions and ethnic groups
proprietary colony
a colony with a single owner
roger williams
a minister in salem, massachusetts, who founded the first baptist church in America and opposed forced attendance at churchand taking Native American land by force
anne hutchinson
believed a person could worship God without the help of the church, minister, or bible. She was forced to leave massachusetts because of her speech
mayflower compact
an agreement established by the men who sailed to America on the Mayflower, which called for laws for the good of the colony and set forth the idea of self-government
william penn
large landowner in America; quaker and founded Pennsylvania (king paid him back with the land)
community in virginia that was the first permanent english settlement in North America
town on Massachusetts' coast and site of Pilgrim landing colony
joint-stock company
a buisness in which investors pool their wealth in order to turn a profit
great migration
the movement of pilgrims from England to establish settlements around the world, including 20,000 who sailed for America