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To rebuild

(our unit)

the north had to reconstruct the south after the civil war.
An official Pardon

The president can give an amnesity to any criminal.
Wants change.

A radical republican wants there to be change in the way we run our lives.
Black Codes
Codes the south made that gave less freedom to blacks and made them almost like slaves again.

the black codes are divided into sections about laws for black people.
13th Amendment
To free all slaves.

the 13th amendment made my grandmother free because she didn't have to be property any more.
to hang, whip or beat.

the white people used to use lynching as a punishment.
civil rights
Equality for all types of people.

my civil rights prevents anybody from killing me.
doesn't want change.

I am a concervative becasue i dont want to change the way we run our country.
in the middle.

I am a moderate because i dont really care about the laws i dont mind if they change or if they stay the same.
to seperate.

blacks and whites had to suffer through segragation in the 1900s when there wern't laws for black people.