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Which of the following was one of the first tribal groups to settle in South Africa?
What is the majority ethnic group in South Africa?
Who were the frist Europeans to reach Southern Africa?
What group of people drove the Afrikaners out of South Africa?
What was Apartheid?
Segregation laws
Which of the following was NOT an effect of Apartheid?
War with Kenya
What is colonialism?
Control of a coutnry by a more powerful one?
How deos Swahili show the blending of cultures in Africa?
It is a language misture of Arabic, Portugeuse, and Bantu
How do we konw what we do about the Kingdom of Kush?
Greek and Roman historians wrote about their visit to Kush lands.
What was the status of women in the Kush civilization?
They were highly respected and Kush had many queens.
How did Islam fit in the Kingdom of Ghana?
It was tolerated and there were cities with many mosques.
Who was the most famous leader of the Mali kingdom?
Mansa Musa
What allowed the Songha to take over the Kingdom of Mali?
Weak leadership
Which was a goal of Ali Muhammad that he did not fulfull?
Make Songhai a Muslim kingdom.
What is one similarity that South Africa has with India?