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What kind of government did the four major African kingdoms have?
Whichof the following was not an influence on African culture?
Which is an important factor in the lives of West African tribes?
Family ties
What is a long period of time with no rain where much of the land dries up?
Why do many West Africans speak English or French?
Europeans once controlled their land.
Which of the following is not a religion widely practiced in Africa?
Why have some African countries had difficlty finding support for their national governments?
Most Africans feel more loyalty to their families or clans.
Oral traditions are histoy and tradition that are passed down from generation to generation how?
Through spoken communication
What is the importance of poems?
They tell the history and traditions of many African people groups.
From where do the Bantu people get their name?
Why was the Bantu migration important?
It spread the biggest and most lasting ethnic group all over Africa.
How did the Mislims first begin to influence Africa?
Through trade.
Which language was brought with the religion of Islan?
From wich people group did Christianity come to Africa?
A short, wise saying that emphasizes the truth is called:
A proverb.