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Why were the rivers of Europe important?
Made it easier to travel
Who were the people living in Southern Britian when the Angles and the Saxons in vaded that area?
Why did the Franks become Catholics?
In AD 496 King Clovis of the Franks became a catholic
How did Christianity remain Western Europe's major religion?
The emperor united all frankish nobles
Who was crowned the "new" Roman emperor in AD 800
Charles Martel
Why was the new Roman emperor concerned about his crowning by the pope?
he did not want people to think the pope had the power to choose who was emperor
Where did the Vikings come from?
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark
Why was Otto 1 declared the Roman emperor?
he fought the Magyars and sent troops into Italy
What was Ott's territory known as?
Holy Roman Empire
Why did Gregory the Great want monks to become missionaries?
he wanted them so they can teach Southern Britian Christianity
What role did monastaries play in Europe?
schooled people, provided food, offered hospital care
What was the Concordat of Worms?
that only the pope could choose bishops
Most of europe is within 300 miles of the sea; good for economy-trade and fishing
Large Peninsula
good for trade; english channel
seas and many rivers
divided europe and made it difficult for an leader to conquer a vast territory; kept people seperated, leading to the development of difficult cultures
Mountain Ranges
Frankish king who became catholic brought christianity to franks
king clovis
defeated the muslims at the battle of tours
charles martel
crowned roman emperor by the pope; encouraged education
his kingdom became known as the holy roman empire
Otto 1
sent missionary through europe to convert people to christ
gregory 1