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is refusal to by goods and services which is what the colonist did for British goods
soomeone who favros the war whic was 1/3
Olive Branch Pettion
pece petion sent to king george by a colnila delgates after thew batttle of lexington and Concord.declaring loyalty and asking him to repeal all intolerable acts
The Revouloution is alive
cancel which is what the parlimeant did in 1776 to the Stamp act
Navigation Acts
Set of laws that can said you can only trade with england and other colonies.
this is when they thought they should benifet there own country
According to theory by keeping strict control over there trade system
red coats
british soilders
Stamp act
were a stamp was need for legal documents like news paper playing cards and other things
sugar act
taxed sugar
house of burgess
representavie assembly in clonial virgina made laws for the colony
tea act
taxed teat for ever company but the british comapny
people who are loyal to the british
stamp act congress
a group of people who got together to protest the stamp act
boston tea party ( why)
event were people protested the stmap act
sons of liberty
group of colonist joined to oppose british policies
declaration of independence 5 parts
1-preamble 2-what a perfect goverment would be 3-list of complaints 4-how we tried to fix it 5- dec;are independence
taxation w/out represantation
connected w/ english bill of rights which is when goverment taxes w/out being represneted why
qaurtering act
colonist had to feed and house the soilders this saved money for the king also
when goverment gets money o pay for something
Thomas Paine
tax collector wrot book common sense. book caused declaration of independence also wrote crisis which say we have independendce says we need to fighh for it
Life Liberty and the pursuit of happeniess
our rights
george washington
started french and idian war member of house of burgess , 1st continetal congress wrote olive branch petiotion was reprensative for virginia
sam adams
very good tearing goverment down but not building it up sons of liberyty and cousin of john adams
thomas jefferson
wrote declaration of independence has more slvaes then any founding fathers member of 1st and 2nd contrinetal congress
1st shot of war
was the battle in lexington concord
itolerable acts 4 things
close port of boston to all tea was paid

give governor full control

renfore qautering act

english commit of crime sent back to england
ohio river valley
were french and indian war was
proclamation of 1763
was a law saying colonist cannot cross applachina moutnains it was meant to bring order to the wesatern lands.
13 colonies
capitilisam free ewnterprise free to making a living anyway you want without gov having anything or little to do with it
food corps/ democracy
capitilasim free interprise
capitilisam free ewnterprise free to making a living anyway you want without gov having anything or little to do with i
fundemental orders of conneticut
1st written constitution in colonist
battle of bumker hill
was first major battle of the revoulution war
magna carta
signed in 1215 a british document that contains two basic ideas monarchs themsleves to obey the law adn citizens have basic rights
bill of rights
written list of freedoms goverment promises to protect
limited mocnarchry
only hads powers constitution gives it
english bill of rights
1689 document that garunteed the rights of english citizens