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What is work?
it is the mental and physical activities used for satisfying human needs and perhapsprovididng some luxuries
Give four reasons why people work.
to entertain
to to make the environment cleaner
to cure people
to occupy their time
What does STATIN stand for?
Statistical institute of Jamaica
What does the term 'leisure time' stand for?
It is the free time to spend as you choose when you have finished household chores. Leisure time is time for recreation.
Who is a curator?
The person incharge of a zoo
He or she must ensure that the animals have the type of food and shelter that tehy need.
The work of the people in a country conributes to what?
national development
What does the term economic value mean?
It means monetary value attached to a good or service which is included in calculating national income
What does national income refer to?
the total income of a nation, including all profits, rents, interest, wages, salary etc during a specific period
What is teh difference between salaries and wages
a salary is pay collected every week while wages are collected every fortnight(every two weeks)
Give two things that are not classified as having economic value
voluntary work and work without money or pay for a realtive or other person at tasks which do not contribute to the operation of a farm or of a business.