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New Yorkers followed the Mohawk River and the Genesse Turnpike westward to lake erie. This became know as what
Mohawk Route
The government built wehat road fromn Cumberland, Maryland to Wheeling Virginia on the Ohio River?
National Road
This road was later extended across Ohio and Indiana into Illinois
National Road or Cumberland Road
On the frontier, people were respected more for what instead of nationality, social position or pocketbook.
Courage, skills, and industriouness
Pioneers lived in the land of __________. Pioneers were _______________filled with ________________
Hope for the future
The Change from methods of of hand production to machine methods. The shift of manufacture from the home to the factory
Industrial Revolution
Steam replaced water power in the late 1760's with the development of a practical steam engine developed by whom?
James Watt
Was a skilled English textile worker, who succeeded in emigrating to the US and from memory he constructed the machine necessary to spin cotton
Samuel Slater
Samuel Slater built the country's first successful cotton mill where and when
Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1790
What is Slater called?
"Father of the American factory system"
Was one of the first wealthy New England merchants to invest his fortunein manufacture of cotton
Francis C. Lowell
He constructed spinning mahcinery and a new type of power loom
Francis C. Lowell
Invented the cotton gin 1793
Eli Whitney
What did the invention of the cotton gin do to production?
It caused the South to increase its production of cotton tremendously
Invented the sewing machine?
Elias Howe