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Name the 7 Continents
Asia, Africa Antartica, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
Name the 4 Oceans
Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic
How many purposes does a special purpose map have?
One purpose
What is a natural map?
Shows where coal, iron and Forests are located.
What is a precipitation map?
shows rain, sleet, snow or hail from certain areas.
What is a physical map?
A map that shows mountains, rivers, lakes oceans and plateaus.
Political Map
A map that shows boundaries between nations or states.
measures distance between north or south of equator
distance east or west of the Prime Meridian
Another name for latitude
Imaginary line that runs around the center of the earth
Compass Rose
drawing that shows direciton on a map
Cardinal Points
points on a compass rose that show North, South, East and West
Intermediate Points
Points on a compass rose that show NE, SE, NW and SW
tells distance on a map
explains the symbols on a map
Prime Meridian
0 degrees on a map and runs through Greenwich, England
interrupted projection map
shows correct size and shape of land; it is split at the oceans
Mercator Projection Map
gives accurate view of land areas near equator but regions further away from equator are distorted.