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Social Studies
the study of the people and the places in the world
the story of the changes of the people and places over time
a book of maps, graphs, charts and other information about the world
Nystrom Atlas
a history atlas that helps explain the history of North America
Physical Maps
maps that highlight the land and water features
Political Maps
maps that hightlight the names and boundaries of countries and states
a section of the atlas that gives definitions of many words used in the atlas
a list of places, names and events with page numbers where to find them in the atlas
a round model of the earth; a sphere
A globe is more accurate
than a flat map because a globe has the same shape of the real world. A flat map of the world has distortions or areas that are the wrong size.
Key or Legend
the place on a globe or map that explains what the symbols mean
Pictures, shapes, and colors used to explain things on the globe or map
Oceans of the World
Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Artic Ocean and Indian Ocean
Continents of the World
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica
An are of a continent which has special features that are different from other areas