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What happened in Roe v. Wade?
Roe, a pregnant women wanted to have an abortion. She lived in Texas and Texas didn't allow abortions. Protected by the 14th amendment women can have abortions during their 2nd or 3rd trimesters
What are the "Miranda law"?
-You have the right to remain silent
-An accused person has the right to a laywer begin present during questioning
-An accused person has the right to a laywer even if they can't afford one
What is the Branch for congress
Legislative branch
What is the branch for the Supreme Court?
Judicial Branch
Who appoints the Supreme court justice?
The president and they have to be approved by congress
When were the Miranda rights established?
During the "Miranda v. Arizona" court case
What court case was Linda Brown in? What was the Future Impact?
Brown v. Board. "Seprate But Equal"
What is the number of witnesses that must come foward to convict a person of treason?
2 witnesses
How long is the Supreme Court Judge's term?
For life
What is the highest court in the land?
The Supreme Court
Define "Corruption of Blood"?
This measn punishing the family who has commited treason. It is expressly forbidden by the constitution
What is the purpose 13th amendment?
(1865) Abolish slavery
What is the purpose of the 14th amendment?
(1868) Citizenship to all
What is the purpose of the 15th amendment?
African American's vote
How many U.S. district courts are there?
What kind of appeals should the Supreme court hear?
Federal and state laws
What is the purpose of the Judicial Branch?
Interprit the laws
What is the purpose of the legislative branch?
To make the laws
President Bush can recommend legisltion. Check and balance?
but only congress can make laws
What was Clarence Gideon charged for?
For breaking into a poolroom in Florida. Clarence was poor and neede money.
What amendment helped Gideon?
The 14th amendment, due process rule to individuals
What haooened in Griswold v. Conneticute? Which amendments protected her?
Griswold was a doctor who gave a pregnant women advice. She illegaly gave instructions and information to married couples. She was convicted by the state of Texas. Amendments- 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th amendment