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Southern Colonies
Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Famous cities
Williamsburg, VA, Charleston, SC
Most colonists came to make money, mostly Christians and Jews
many cultures-English, Swiss, French, many Africans, 3-class system (many upper class & "no class"
Main crops-rice, indigo, tobacco, cotton
Money Making
Traded crops w/ Europe for fine furnishings and w/ middle & New England colonies
Education/Famous Schools
Boys and girls who lived on plantations went to school, each plantation had a teacher, College of William & Mary(VA) University of Virginia (VA)
Famous People
Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison all born in southern colonies
Town Planning
Most wealthy people and slaves lived on organized plantations, famous plantations- Monticello (T. Jefferson),Mt. Vernon (G. Washington), both in VA