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what are the three main points of hinduism?
one is a person lives, dies, and is reborn
what are the three main points of hinduism?
one is a person lives, dies, and is reborn
another is what you do in your current life reflects your next life
the last is the duty for hindus
they believe this world is ___ and part of the ultimate_____?
temporary, Brahma
like when you write on a magnadoodle your just changing the arrangement of the stuff inside not the stuff itself
believe in more than one god
this is what hindu's believe
Brahma is the _________- god?
vishnu is the __________ god?
preserver god
shiva is the _________ god?
destroyer god
Rig -Veda is the collection of sacred knowledge and what?
unpanishads is another what?
holy book for hindu's
hindus believe gods are____?
they are in different moods and can be in good and bad moods unlike islam, christianity, judism
like the sun has different goods and bads : tan, sunburn
when shiva dances worlds are destroyed but what else happens?
she creates new worlds
hinduism and what are directly connected?>
the catse system
varna is what?
is called the catse system by westerners
the caste system is?
a system dividing the hindu's into different groups ( social economic classes)
what is Jati?
a sub-caste where your marriage parnter is chosen by your parents
the caste system is based on?
ritual purity,worthy in participating, you are born into a catse that your parents are in
name and describe the three divisions and the other division that is not supposively in the caste system ?
the first is brahmins , thay are the most pure,wealthy,preistly or teacherly roles(important roles)
Kshatriyas: ritually pure, usually well educated, upper-middle class,had noble , warrior,or ruler roles.
Vaisyas:ritually pure,middle class,some educated,were merchants,business ppl+farm owners.
Sudras:ritually inpure, usually poor , work as laborors, performed for higher varna, subdivided by occupation
UNTOUCHABLES: now called Dalits, outside of varna, excluded by others,impure,unclean,perform dirtiest things such as tanning leather, cremating bodies,carrying away village watse,sewer jobs.,live in poorest part outside of village, excluded from worship,ghandi saw them as"children of god"
even though the government tried to outlaw the catse system most dalits are still very poor and the caste system is discriminatory but gives group identity, order, security.