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Land that belongs to a country but is not a state of that country
Northwest Territory
Huge frontier area of which Michigan was a part
One of the first people to move into a frontier area
Northwest Ordinance
A Law that would divide the Northwest territory into states (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan)
Treaty of Greenville
A treaty made by the indians and the US government. The native Americans gave up large areas of land.
War of 1812
Congress declared war on the British.
First Governor of Michigan
Stevens T. Mason
Number of people needed to become a state
Year Michigan became a state
January 26, 1837 26th state
American Revolution
The colonists fought back against the British and King George III
Two ways that the Native Americans were hurt by the settlers
They lost their land and new diseases were brought to America
Cause of the Toledo War
Both Michigan and Ohio wanted the area around Toledo