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What is the Romance Languege? What languages does it include?
It is a Latin-Based languege. It includes French, Italion, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin.
Whats so special about Bethlehem?
It was the town where Jesus was born
Who is Constantine?
He was an unknown general who became emperor of Rome
What is architecture?
The science of buildings
What is a aqueduct?
Stone Structures
What is the New Testament?
The New Testament tells the story of early Christianity.
What is a bishop? Who was the first bishop?
A bishop is a church offical who leads a large group of Christians. The first bishop was Peter
Who is Paul?
He was a person who was very successful at spreading the teachings of Jesus.
What is a gladiator?
They fought animals and each other
What is a Colosseum?
A new sports arena
What is Christianity?
It is the religion founded by Jesus and based on his teachings.
What is a apostle?
They would help orginize the Christian Church after Jesus'd death.
What was Palestine the land of?
It is the land of the ancient Hebrews.