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I. A Clash of Cultures
- 1835 Davy Crockett wanted to help Texas win its ____________ from Mexico.
- independence
A. Land Grants
1. _________ - Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home
2. ____________- people who arranged for the settlement of land in Texas
1. Tejanos

2. emparesaries
3. Old Three Hundred- the first 300 _________ who were recruited by ____________
3. settlers
Stephen E. Austin
B. Growing Tensions
1. 1830 - Americans in Texas outnumbered ___________.
2. Mexican government was ________ by the growing American influence in Texas.
1. Mexicans

2. alarmed
3. __________- official order
a. stopped all _________ from U.S.
b. encouraged immigration of Mexican and ___________ families
c. taxed goods imported from U.S. to __________ trade
3. decree

a. immigration
b. European
c. Texas
C. Attempt at Reconciliation
1. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
a. __________ dictator
2. Mexican government arrest Stephen Austin because he worked for Texas ___________
a. Mexican

2. independence
II. The Struggle for Independence
- 1835, unrest ______ in Texas
- Santa Anna sent Mexican troops to punish Texans for ____________ him
- criticizing
- During the battle in Gonzales, Texas a cannon had a flag which was printed, "_________ and ________ It"
- First fight of Texan Revolution
- 1835- _________________ was liberated
- Come, Take

- San Antonio
A. The Battle of the Alamo
1. Alamo- Texan __________
2. ______________ - Alamo commander
1. force

2. William Travis
a. sent messages to U.S. desperately seeking help for the American troops
3. Mexicans won Battle of the Alamo
a. killed ___________, ___________ and ____________
a. William Travis
Davy Crockett
Jim Bowie
B. Texan Declares Its Independences
1. Established _________ of Texas
2. Texas ____________ of Independence
1. Republic
2. Declaration
3. Provisional government of the Republic of Texas named Sam Houston as ___________ of ___________
4. _________ Massacre- when Santa Anna ordered Texans to be executed
3. Commander in Chief

4. Goliad
C. The Battle of San Jacinto
1. Sam Houston launched a ___________ attack on Mexican camp
a. "Remember the _________! Remember _________."
1. surprise
a. Alamo, Goliad
2. Santa Anna was ____________.
3. May 14, 1836- Santa Anna signed a Treaty that reconized the independence of Texas
2. captured
III. The Lone Star Republic
- Sam Houston elected as ___________ of the Republic
- Houston requested that the U.S. ________ (take control of) Texas
- President
- annex
- President Jackson refused because the __________ of a slave state (Texas) would upset the balance of slave and free states in Congress.
- Texas remained an ____________ country
- addition

- independent
A. The Question of Annexation
1. John Tyler ____________ for annexation but Congress did not ratify it
1. reapplied
B. Texas Becomes a State
1. Dec. 29, 1845 Texas becomes a state
2. Strong feeling- __________ Destiny
2. Manifest