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Climate (farming)
The type of farming varies with climate
Advantage- flat, water source, natural resources.
Disadvantage- too high, too cold.
ex. Plateau of Tibet
4 land forms
~ Asia is the largest continent
~ Asia has the most people, yet Asia has a very bad distribution of population.
1. the land is to high or too extreme, not fertile.
Coastal Plains
Advantage- Good farmland, transportation, fishing.
Disadvantage- Flood, crowded.
ex. Yellow river, Chang River
Volcanic Islands
Advantages- access water, fishing, travel, trade, fertile.
Disadvantage- Danger (earthquakes)
ex. Japan, Philippines
advantage- source of many rivers, rich in natural resources.
Disadvantage- altitude fever, too cold, too high.
ex. Kunlun, Himilayas
Mt. Everest
It borders tibet and is found in Nepal.
Sir Edmund Hilary was the first white man to climb it.
Middle ladditude forests- Japan and Korea and China
Tropical forests- Thailand, Indonesia, and Burma
The clmate plays an important part in the bad distribution of people in Asia.
Small Farms = Bad
Not many crops
Farmers can't afford modern technology

Fishing is a large part of Asian diet.
1. Water to grow
2. Island nations
Asia is the largest continent but beacause of terrain and climate factors only a small percentage of the land is suitable for farming.
Six factors necassary for industry
1. Cheap labor
- why? too many people & no well fare
2. Technology
- work hard incentives and pay structure
3. Land for factories
4. Good transportation
- seaports
5. Nat.'l resources
6. stable supportive gov.
- provid peace law and order ( low taxes ) ex. Singapore
Japam is the second greatest industrail nation in the world.
Sice WWII NIC's have emgered
Agriculture (Con't.)
Because there are so many people in Asia and because of limited farm land the farms are small.
Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.
English is second
Mineral and Energy Resources
Major sources tin tungsten coal and iron
How has industrialization affected life in Asia?
1. Urbanization
- slums, overcrowding
2. Pollution
- air/smog water
3. Noise
A third of the world (2 bil. out of 6 bil.) live in E.Asia.
2 bil. people are not evenly distrubuted as a result there is overcrowding
China and Japan had cut back on growth rate