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Albert Einstein
German Physicist, introduced the idea of atomic bomb
Britain, France, Soviet Union, Later America(there were smaller countries also)
America First Committee
Americasn who thought that America should stay neutral in war
to add territory to ones own land
hatred and discrimination towards Jews
accepting demands to avoid conflict
Atlantic Charter
made by Roosevelt and Churchill, they decided that their people would decide their own goverment.
an extermination camp that Jews were sent to by Nazi's
Axis Power
Germany, Italy, Japan(small nations)
Bataan Death March
American prisoners who were starved and many were sick. They were treated like the people in the death camps
Battle of the Bulge
German soldiers crossed into a bulge in Allie lines. The Allies push them out soon after
Nazi headquarter, German capitol
lighting war, this name was given because of how fast German violence began
huge X shaped things in the water just near English Channel to keep British ships from docking. they were used in operation overload.
Concentration Camp
prison camps
islnad in the philippines that was captured by Americans adn then they soon surrendered
after Operation Overload
America invaded Germans through English Canal, huge operation run by Eisenhower
Desert Fox
Erwin Rommels nickname becuase of his success in desert war fare
leader of a nation by force
giving up military weapons
Douglas MacArthur
American general working in the Philippines
Dwight Eisenhower
American general that took full responsibility and conducted D-day.
later became president
Commanded American, British, and Canadian troops when they invaded Morocco
English Channel
Small area of water that separates the northern part of France and Great Britain
Erwin Rommel
German General aka Desert Fox
Extermination Camp
people were sent their by Nazi's to ultimately be killed.
society where people are so spell bound and a leader basically just takes over
The mass killing and wiping out of a certain race or religion of people
George Patton
american general who surronded Erwin Rommel and troops(stopped or captured them)
one of the Solomon Islands, vicious fighting over thid land by Americans and Japenese
Harry Truman
Vice president for Roosevelt for most of the war, then became president
city in Japan that got bombed with the first atomic bomb. KILLED MANY PEOPLE
the extermination of over 6 million Jews. Gypsies, handicapped and other were also part of this
Il Duce
means duke, it’s Italian, and Mussolini was called this.
After the fall of France in 1940 Japanese seized the French colony in S.E. Asia
famous in a bad way
Internment camps
where Japanese Americans were feared and they were sent to these detention camps in terrible conditions. 1988 Americans realized this want right and so all the survivors were given $20,000.
keeping out of the war, having no opinion on war. Being Neutral
Iwo Jima
An advance on the Japanese Island of Iwo Jima and America seized the island
suicide piolets
breathing room. Hitler said this when he wanted to take back land that taken from the Treaty of Versailles
the act was paaed in 1941 (march) this allowed Americans to lend,lease, or sell war supplies.
the freeing of all captive people
Maginot Lime
A string of steel and concrete bunkers along German border from Belgium to switzerland
Manhattan Project
Albert Einstein told Roosevelt that the Germans might use a very powerful weapon, atomic bomb; Roosevelt wanted to do it first so he created a top secret project, Manhattan Project.
Mein Kamf
the book that hitler wrote while he was in jail- it told his life story
military and civil preparation for war
capital of the Soviet Union, Germany tried getting there because they thought if they could capture the capitol they could capture the whole country
The second city in Japan to have an atomic bomb dropped on it. It was supposed to be the 1st but it was foggy on the planned day
Nazi Party
National Socialist Worker's Party, German army
Japenese Americans that were born in the U.S
People saw them as "different" and a threat because of Pearl Harbor
for preparation of Operation Overload Eisenhowed planned to send troops to the coast of Normandy France
Nuremberg Trails
after war Nazis and Japense war leaders were sent to trial by Allies in Nuremberg, Germany and accused of war crimes
A Japanese island that was seized along with Iwo Jima
Potsdam Declaraion
Before the use of the atomic bomb on Japan Truman send out a warning that said "if Japan didn't surrender then extreme destruction wold take place"
ideas or information given to change or influence an opinion
Royal Air Force
allowing consumers to only buy a certain amount of a product
Rosie the Riviter
a cartoon that encouraged women to get factory jobs
Selective Service Act
Roosevelt signed this act, 1st peace time war draft in history and applied to men 21-35
city in the Soviet Union that the Germans targeted for the rich oil environment
Suez Canal
vital sea link between Europe and Asia
war trials were held here, capitol of Japan.
a single political party, and a leader (dictator) controls all aspects of people’s lives (a type of government)
Tuskegee Airmen
332ND Fighter Group of African Americans, they shot down more than 200 enemy planes.
VJ Day
Victory in Japan
VE Day
Victory of Europe
Women’s Army Corps
Women Appointed for Volunteer Emergency Service in the Navy
Women and African Americans were given bigger and more important jobs while the men were in the army.