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A teacher comes to the door of your room...
"Hello Mr./ Mrs. _____"

"Can I help you?"

"What can I do for you?"
Another student come into our room at school

"Can I help you?"

"Do you need something?"
I can't find my pencil.
"Mr. / Mrs. __________, I can't find my pencil. Could you please help me find it, or can I get another one?"
I don't understand what is being read.
I raise my hand. When the teacher calls on me;

"Mr./ Mrs. ______ I don't understand what you just read. Could you please explain it to me?"
I don't understand what is being said in class.
I raise my hand. When the person/teacher calls on me, I say:
"Mr./ Mrs. __________, would you pleae explain about ___________?"

I do not make noises or interrupt the person talking.
You are reading aloud with other students. One of the students isn't reading very well.
I don't interrupt or make the student feel uncomfortable.

I am patient and listen.
If the student asks for my help, I can tell them what a word is.
I have an unexpected substitute for one of my teachers.
"Hello, my name is Josiah Schink and I'll be in your class. What is your name?"

Is my teacher sick today?
There is an unexpected change in the schedule or what was planned.
It's OK when there are changes. Not everything can be planned. Sometimes it's interesting to have a change of plans. It can be fun too.
I am not finished with what I'm doing, and the bell rings to change classes.
I follow the directions os my teacher.

I immediately stop what I'm doing and put things away.

I say, "Good-bye" or "have a nice day" to my teacher when I leave.
I'm in a hurry and two kids are talking right in my pathway.
"Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, but I must get by. Thanks!"
I am beginning to feel pretty upset with something that happening in the class. I think I might have a fit about it.
I tell whomever is helping me in a quiet polite voice:
"I think I need to take a break because I'm beginning to feel upset."
The lunch today is NOT the lunch that was on the menu. I brought a lunch, but I like the new lunch and would like to eat it.
I tell my helper:
"I would like to save my packed lunch for another day and have the lunch they are serving today."
When the students are taking turns, I am not the first person to be able to read, or play the game.
I realize that I can't always be first. I control my frustration. It will soon be my turn.
A person gives me a present that I don't like very much. It wasn't what I wanted or was expecting.
"Thank you very much for the ______.
It was nice of you think of me."