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what does social psych field theory (Lewin) focus on?
approach & avoidance conflicts
what two types of attributions do people infer? which attribution to themself and which attribution to others?
-situational (self) & dispositional (others)
bystander apathy increases as...
when other bystanders are around
Robber's cave experiment
campers worked on a superordinate goal and that caused cooperation
Zimbardo's prison experiment - Rosenhamm's hospital study - how were these 2 studies similar?
subjects became the roles that they were given -hospital staff thought impaired because they acted that way - both studies looked at social roles (script theory)
Milgram's study showed...
we underestimate how much we'd obey an authority
the 6 types of social power are...
referent, reward, legitimate, coercive, expert, & informational
social loafing occurs...
in a group when the task is simple/boring
in most situations which decision making is superior: individual or group?
a belief in a just world states...
we deserve what we get
Sue's research on locus of control & responsibility showed dominant view of US is... view of most racial minorities is...
internal control, internal responsibility
internal control, external responsibility
Pygmalion in the classroom showed...
expectations influence our perceptions because when teachers told a group of kids were intelligent, their IQ rose by the end of the year
difference between stereotype, prejudice, & discrimination
stereotype- cognitive belief
prejudice- negative feeling
discrimination- behavior
what is the gender role stereotype?
men viewed as more competent by both sexes
direct contact reduces prejudice if...
personal contact & cooperative activity
what is the mere exposure effect?
we like people who are near us
children learn aggression through...
implicit norms:explicit rules
the presence of others when someone is completing a task increases __ so their presence is best on ___ tasks
how strong is the relationship between attitudes & behavior?
Which 2 types of social power are most influential?
referent & expert