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In order to achieve this term:
I. The members need to be attracted
II, Want to find other members alike
III. Deisre the common group goals
IV. Expectations of certain social rewards
Group Cohesion
Think being on the football team or street gangs.
A group consisting of only two people
Ongoing, intimate, usually small, multiple roles within this type of group
Primary Social Groups
Think family or close friends
These are groups in which you would mainy associate with to achieve specific tasks
Secondary Social Groups
to collect or gather into a mass or whole, but not specifically make all individuals compatable
This is a term for group ititiation:
Such factors include:
I. Size of majority-competing needs
II.Breach in majority could decrease this
III. Attention to the group could increase
IV. Commitment to future Action
V.Level of comptence
VI.Social Acceptance
Group Conformity
Think gang beatings or requirements to become a fraternity person
This requires four things:


Normative Expectations


and Common Goals
Comfusion of responsibility in large groups at a time of arousal.
Bystander Effect
What to do when a large group sees someone introuble. Who will call 911?
The slacking member of a group
Free Rider
This is a type of team work where all members win or loose.
In theory a football team takes the win or loss over self glory or pity.
People or Institutions working against eachother and one gets the ultimate prize.
Think Wal-Mart vs. other dept stores like Target or K-Mart.
Collaberating superordinate goals, increasing contact, outside mediation, and unelateral and counciliating mores are a reduction of_____________.
Intergroup Conflict
This is a model known as the Reping model and was used during the Cold War.
GRIT-(Graduated, Reciprocates, Initiatives, intension reduction)
This is a communication network shaped in a cross so to speak, where there is one person everyone knows.
__________of Fortune
This is a communication network where gossip spreads, and from one end to the other it usually is altered.
This is a communication network where the nucleaus person is at or near the top and branches out like a tree.
This is a communication network that is decrentralized where there are two people who do not figure well into the mix.
This is a decentralized network concisting of a round like communication, such as a group of kids playing telephones.
It is also the main theme of the Lion King.
An efficient but fallible rule-of-thumb that judges the likelihood of things in terms of their availability in memory. If instances of something come readily to mind, we presume it to be commonplace.
Availability heuristic
The assumption that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Thus, the characteristics of a sugar molecule cannot be understood in terms of a complete knowledge of the attributes of the included atoms taken one at a time. In social terms, self, society, and culture are emergent in that individuals acting alone cannot produce these items. Social power is social in that it emerges from the coordinated labor of many--hence it cannot be the "property" of one except by force or fraud. 
The Emergement Norm Theory
The process through which movements align their ideology with the attitudes of the potential recruits, the public. members of the established order, or other movement groups.
Frame Alignment
Unlike the Emergement Norm perspective of seeing a crowd as diverse and heterogeneous, this theory sees the group as an identity so to speak
Contagion Theory
This was a study of conformity done by____________ where his apparatus was identifications of line lengths. In the end he concluded on how people's answers were influenced by the peer pressure of the group.
Solomon Asch
Interactionism differs from other sociological approaches because it emphasizes that people have the capacity for _________ or freedom as they act toward sityations and respond to their demands.
This offers a double vision by recognizing that:

1) We are all individuals
2) We are all stand-ins, or representatives, of groups, classes, and other social categories.
Joint Action
In the past two decades interactionists have more self-consciously addressed macrosociological issues through the concept of__________, an intermediate level of analysis between social psychology and analysis theory.
These scholars have examined the economic, political, and class-related factors in more detal. Thus believeing that the central reason for doing social theory and research is not merely to understand the world but to change it as well.