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Social Psychology
Scientific Study of how the thought, feeling, and behavior of individuals are influenced by others
The Person X Situation Matrix
How a persons personality changes depending on their roles in certain situations
Descriptive Research Methods
Surveys and Observational Research
Pro- Cheap and Easy
Con- People Lie
Demand Characteristic
An aspect of the materials that focuses or demands a particular response
Ex) The way the question is worded or who is asking can affect the answer
Construct Validity
Is the question measuring the construct that is supposed to be measured?
Observational Research
Just observing them in their natural habitat
Case Study
-Elaborate and detailed observation and recording of a single case
-Isn't always just observational
-Con: Might be unique to just that case-> hard to generalize
Hawthorne Effect
-People that are being observed tend to change their behavior if they know they are being observed
Correlational Research
-2 or more variables are measured and the relationship between them examined
-Does not mean one causes another
Experimental Research
-While controling all other variables, one or more variables is manipulated to create 2 or more conditions and another variable is then measured
Idependent Variable
variable manipulated
Dependent Variable
controlled variable
Random Assignment
"The Great Equalizer"
-Randomly decide who's going to be in which group
Statistical Inference
Work the statistics and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt
Does the study test what it claims to test
Internal Validity
Are the internal (within the environment) aspects of the study unconfounded?
External Validity
Can the results be generalized beyond the specific aspects of the study?
Translating abstract, conceptual constructs in concrete (manipulable and/or measurable) laboratory variables
Craft Of Social Psychology
Mundane Realism
Does the laboratory situation resemble the real world situation?
Experimental Realism
Does the experimental situation capture the partcipants in the same way that the real world situation does?
The Ethics of Experimental Research
The experimentor lies to the participants must follow guidelines Must Brief and Debrief them!