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What is Social Psychology??
The scientific study of how individuals think, feel, and behave in regard to other people and how individuals' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by other people
Social Psychology
Personality pscyhology
social psychology: what aspects of social situation cause individual to do x?

personality psychology: what charac personality traits cause individual to do x?
Social psychology
Clinical psychology
what is typical or normative social behavior? what does average person do in particular situation

clinical psychology: what is abnormal behavior? what does a person with a psych disorder do in a particular situation?
Social psychology
Cognitive psychology
social: what impact does social situation have on and individuals thought processes? how do people think about other people?

Cognitive: what impact do many different variables have on an individuals thought processes? how do people think about anything?
social psychology
social: what aspects of the social situation cause the individual to do x? triest to study the subjective social situation- how does individual construe what is happening?

Sociology: what aspects of the society or culture cause groups or societies to do x? tries to determine the objective social situation
-the ways in which people perceive, comprehend, and interpret the social world.
-unique to every individual
intra-individual variability
within a single person (intra-mural sports). same person in many different situations
inter-individual variability
between and among different persons (inter-national affairs)
situational causes
something about the social or environmental context- something external to the person
dispositional causes
something about the person's characteristics- something internal to the person
what makes social psychology unique?
-emphasis is on situational causes
-factors in the social situation that influence behavior (and thoughts and feelings)
interactionist perspective
-interaction of the particular situation and the disposition of the individual
-kurt lewin
5 causes
-the action and characteristics of other persons
-cognitive processes (thoughts)
-environmental variables: impact of the physical world
-cultural context
-biological factors
what is a variable?
anything that can vary in quantity or quality, so that it can be measured