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pro of universal health care?
-less cost @ ER
-increase in reduction of of chronic illness
-increase in overall health of members
cons of universal health care?
-payment 4 education
-few specialists
-higher taxes
life expectancy of a oglala sioux?
66 4 women
56 4 men
life expectancy of men and women in US?
form of health care coverage in sweden, GB, and Canada?
universal health care
how many ppl are seriously ill b/c they're poor?
1 billion
reasons of high cost of medical care?
-private insurance
-more Dr.'s specialize
-more advanced technology
largest # of HIV aids?
Zimbabwe, Africa
structural functional?
have roles to fill
-sick roles vs roles as workers and member of family
symbolic interaction?
we change definitions of what is ill other countries see poverty as a way of life
more wealthy = better health care; linked to ability 2 pay
social science dealing w/ the elderly
which age group of elderly uses the most health care dollars?
65 and over
structural functional of age
disengagment theory, highlight how societies run smoothly
symbolic interation of age?
proper find in there everyday life