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Max Weber
in relationship with capitalism and religion
e) Comstock Act (1873)-
federal offence to end the spread of birth control through the mail and across state borders
(1) Griswold v. Connecticut (1965)-
overturned a Connecticut law that prohibited contraceptive use by married couples.
(2) Eisenstadt v. Baird (1973
overturned a Massachusetts law that prohibited the distribution of contraceptives to unmarried couples
(3) Carey v. Population Services International
made nonprescription contraceptives available to minors without a doctor’s permission
f) Planned parenthood v. Casey (1992)
ii) Married women don’t have to notify their spouse of them getting an abortion
iii) Parental notification, informed consent, and 24 hour waiting period are justified and constitutionally valid.
u) Land Act of 1820
- immigrants can get 88 acres of land to farm
v) Homestead Act of 1862
immigrants can farm 160 acres for 5 years and purchase it for 10 dollars
w) Morrill Act of 1862-
Land grant colleges in every state provided by federal government