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Jim Crow Laws-
Laws mandating segregation
Black codes-
laws restricting the rights of freedom
Plessy v. Ferguson-
separate but equal
Organization promoting equal rights for black blacks
Thurgood Marshall-
Lawyer for the NAACP, Lead lawyer Brown case, 1st Black Supreme Court judge
Brown v Board of Education of Topeka Kansas-
Separate but equal public schools are unconstitutional. / Court later ordered public schools integrated with "all deliberate speed"
Earl Warren-
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Brown case, 50s and 60s
there was a resurgance of the KKK as a resistance to Brown
White Citizen Councils-
Organized to oppose integration
Little Rock Central-
Integration crisis 1957, Little Rock Nine
Orval Faubus-
Arkansas governor, opposed integration of L.R. Central
Freedom of Choice-
Students could choose to go a white school or a black school
Montgomery Bus Boycott-
Rosa Parks arrested, blacks boycott city buses, Court ruled bus segregation Unconstitutional