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Education takes
c Duffy's respectful attitude
"low achievers" do much better than expected
Education should prepare us
to contribute to building a just community
For most of us our first work
is getting an education
"Savage Inqualities"
Jon Kozol's study on thirty public schools
The effect of good education
enables students to find their unique mission
"Justice in the world"
1971 documents by Catholic church
Respecting a person's dignity
means treating her or him as a child of God
Most pressing concern in the U.S.
reduce the inquality across schools
The effect of poor education
leaves many students with low self-esteem
Justice demands the right
to education for all
Disrespect for a student
placed in an inferior class due to perception
Zooks and Yooks in conflict
which side of bread butter should be spread
Education takes place
in community for benefit of community
East St. Louis HS
Large classes, few supplies, limited resources
What we are arguing over
is nowhere near as important as our friendship
The "inalienable" right to ed.
is not universally respected
An educated worker is
better equipped to ensure rights are respected
Unjustice in education due to
economic and racial causes
Classic case of caring teacher
insisting on honoring potential of his students
Simple living can influence all aspects of our life. Briefly explain.
The quality / quantity of the goods we buy
Briefly describe the connection between Matthew 6:19-21 and our study.
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on Earth.
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a non-violent revolution for...
the U.S. civil rights movement
"Economic Justice for All" (1982 US Bishops) presents a vision of a just economy...
protects the dignity of the human person (defends the defenseless)
Mohanhas K. Ghandi (also called: "Mahatma") led a non-violent revolution...
to free India of British control
Jim and Joanne grew apart because of the 'big illusion'...
to find fulfillment in "things"
Thich Nhat Hanh travels all over the world teaching about...
being peace
The Buddhist monastic tredition offers a method of conflict resoltion...
sit silently together, give your recollection of what happened, admit your shortcomings, sllow for concensus
Just was does it mean to "wage peace"?
courageous non-violence
The Carter Center was founded in 1982 based on the principle that...
everyone on earth should be able to live in peace
Luke 6:27-35 proclaims that only goodness can truly and effectively neutralize evil...
love your enemy
Briefly describe the details requiired of someone who accepts a house through Habitat for Humanity

(a) hrs to volunteer to help others build their Habitat homes...

(b) materials for your Habitat home paid through a...
(a) 500 hours

(b) no-interest loan that takes 20 years to pay off
The Buddha meditated in order to see the difference between (1) and (2)
(1) truth

(2) illusion
Acc. to Surya Das, the three stages of meditation are:

(1), (2), and (3)
(1) centering

(2) focusing

(3) releasing
Visualization is a way of getting closer to the source of the (1) we think of as being (2).
(1) unreal

(2) real
Bowing reflects the essence of (1).
(1) simplicity
The Bodhisattva vow reminds us that our intention is to become (1), less (2), and more (3).
(1) wiser

(2) selfish

(3) loving
The primary purpose of spiritual practice is to be able to (1) and (2) with a more free and open heart.
(1) live

(2) love
The principle purpose of Dharma is to alleviate suffering through (1) attention, and (2).
(1) wise

(2) awareness
Global Warming
Same-Sex Union
Maddy T.
Rachel S.
An obscure individual
Professional Women
Angelina Jolie
Stem Cell Usage
Francesca M.
Oprah's School in Africa
Maggie M.
Britney Spears
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Maggie G.
Women's Rights
Pro-Life Issues
Capital Punishmemt (Pro)
Capital Punishement (Con)
The use of fur
One Campaign - Save Darfur
Pro-Choice Issues
Me :]