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Settling and controlling new lands
Move to another country to live
To force people away from their homes and country by order of authority
process through which one culture is absorbed into another
Status Quo
The existing condition or state of affairs.
An agreement in which each side gives up some sort of demands.
Tories (Loyalists) were loyal to Britain. They didn’t want to be separate from Britain. Most Loyalists came to the remaining British North American colonies of Quebec and Nova Scotia.
People who lived the French colony of Acadia. Most of them had to leave after the Treaty of Utrecht.
A member of a secret revolutionary organization in the United States and Ireland in the mid-19th century, dedicated to the overthrow of British rule in Ireland.
Patriots (Rebels) were loyal to the Thirteen Colonies. They wanted to separate from Britain to form the United States of America.
Responsible Government
Responsible Government: Members of the executive council (today known as the Cabinet) are chosen from the group with the most elected members in the Legislative Assembly (rather than the Governor). The government is the Cabinet, who are responsible to the representatives of the voters for its conduct of public business. If the Cabinet loses the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, it must resign. The government can function only if it has the support of the legislature- it is responsible to the legislature.
Representative Government
Citizens elect people who represent them in their Legislative Assembly (decision-making body). Every individual has a voice in government, but only a small group actually makes the decisions.