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The Saint Lawrence Lowlands Have......
More People and Industries
The Ten Provinces are different from the territories because
they govern themselves like our fifty states
What is the economic activity of the atlantic province
the saint saint lawrence connects
the atlantic to the great lakes
Canadas Wealth Comes from
wide range of natural resources
why did canada have trade protectionism
to protect canadas business
how do we measyre a country's sanderd of living
divide gdp population
How did the french and indian war affect people in New France
Britan won control of new france
the people in quebec did not revolt Bristish rule because
they felt britan woulld govern them fairly
After Canada became a dominion what role did the british play
they ruled over foriegn manner
Prime Minester
the chief excutive
choosen by prime minister
set of rules
house of commons
voted directly for by cacnadas memeber
Bristish monarch
the official head of canadas government