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Dominant Group is defined as ___________.
a group that has the most power, resourses & privileges in a society.
What are the 3 characteristics that distinguish the Minority Group from the Dominant Group?
1. Less Power, resourses, & privilege 2. Unequal Treatment 3. Stimatization - sterotyped
Race is defined as _______________.
a category of people who are believed to share distinct physical characteristics that re deemed socially significant - skin color, facial features, hair texture.
__________ is a social creation & does not really exist.
____________ is defined by society.
_____________ change over time.
An Ethnic Group is defined as _________________.
a group with a shared cultural heritage or nationality.
Races may contain many ___________ Groups.
Ethnic Groups may contain many ___________.
What are the 9 Patterns of Dominant/Minority Relations?
1. Amalgamation 2. Assimilation 3. Acculturation 4. Pluralism 5. Segregation 6. Population Transfer/ Expulsion 7. Colonialism 8. Slavery 9. Extermination/ Genocide
Amalgamation is defined as ____________.
the mixing and blending of Races through inner marriage.
96% of Americans marry within their own ___________.
Assimilation is defined as _____________.
the mixing and blending of Ethnic Groups /Culture. i.e. Christmas
Acculturation is defined as _____________.
When a Minority Group/ imagrant group must forsake their own identity/ customs/ language & become like the Dominant Group. i.e. changing name.
Pluralism is defined as ______________.
When each group maintains his own identity & each group respects others & are seen as equals. Live & let live.
Segregation comes from the word __________.
dejure, defacto
Dejure means _______________.
Relining, steering, white flight
Population Transfer is defined as _____________.
When a Dominant Group physically relocates the Minority Group.
Colonialism is defined as ______________.
Another nation invades & becomes the dominant group & the natives become the minority.
The British Empire was ______________.
Slavery is defined as ___________.
When a Dominant Group owns the Minority Group.
Slaves are ______________.
economic labor
In slavery the minority is viewed as ____________.
Extermination is defined as _______________.
The Dominant Group killing members of the minority groups.
Genocide is defined as ____________.
The Dominant Group wiping out completely the minority groups.
Racism is defined as _______________.
An ideology or belief system, that supports the notion that certain racial or ethnic groups are inferrior, & therefore unequal treatment is justified.
The need to justify some exploitation created ______________.
Racism is a social _____________.
Racism is very muc dependent on _____________.
Prejudice is defined as ______________.
Negative attitudes or feelings toward or about an entire category of people.
Prejudice = ___________ about people
Discrimination is defined as _______________.
unequal actions wxibited toward individuals based on their group membership.
Discrimination = ______________
Action/ Behavior
An Active Bigot is defined as _________________.
will not associate, shake hands, let other minority groups in house, KKK, inflict violence, slander. (Archy Bunker)
Over Discrimination is rooted in ________________.
own beliefs / own prejudice
A Timid Bigot is defined as _______________.
thinks same way / process mind set/ have same beliefs as Active Bigot but don't act on those beliefs.
Why does the Timid Bigot not act on their beliefs?
Social status, fear of the Law, Political Status, employer who refuses to higher minority.
Fair Weather Liberal is defined as _____________-.
want to fit in/ don't want to offend their friends/ employers/ family/ neighbors. (Allowing other peoples prejudice adapt their discrimination)
Adaptive Discrimination is defined as _____________.
a Fair Weather Liberal
All-Weather Liberal is defined as ___________-.
Not prejudice and DO NOT participate in discrimination.
Institutional Discrimination is defines as ___________.
discrimination resulting from thr normal operations of society.
Buisiness that refuse to relocate in poorer areas not because of race but because the $ isn't there, would be defined as ____________ Discrimination.
Institutional Discrimination
Cemetary laws that restrict elaborate decorations on thr grave sights, inadvertently promotes disadvantage of minorities, would be defined as ____________ Discrimination.
Institutional Discrimination
Prejudice & Discrimination + __________ = Racism
According to the Conflict Perepective 3 conditions are needed for discrimination to occur, what are they?
1. 2 or more identifiable groups 2. Generally competition for some rewards. And they see eachother as a threat! 3. Unqual power among the groups. (the one with the power becomes the dominant group.)
One tequnique used in the Conflict Theory is Scape-goating. It is defined as ___________.
Blaming the minorities for a social problem.
Mexicans are the cause for the loss of American jobs, wouls be an example of _________.
According to Symbolic Interactionist Perspective, both Prejudice & Discrimination are _______________.
According to Symbolic Interactionist Perspective, what are the 2 tools used to teach prejudice & discrimination?
1. Sterotypes 2. Language
Sterotypes are defined as _____________.
generalize a negaitive trait to a whole group of people. Apply trait to every person in the group… become punch lines or cartoons (children see & learn.)
What are the 3 types of Language?
1. Derogative terms 2. Racial Qualifiers 3. Racist Language
Derogative terms is language used to __________.
descibe people (Slang, negative terms that shape child's perspective)
Racial Qualifiers is language used to __________.
draw attention to Race when it's not necessary.
Racist Language is __________.
words with black have a negative conotation. i.e. Black list, black sheep, black magic, black balled black lie (as apposed to white lie that's harmless)
List the 4 Solutions to Racism.
1. Legal Protection 2. Multi-Culturalism 3. Diversity Training 4. Affirmative Action
Legal Protection is ________.
Primary way to deal with Racism for the last 50 yrs. Equal opportunity by law. i.e. '64 Cival Rights Act, '84 American with Disabilities Act, Fairness Act
Mulit-Culturalism is defined as _______.
an Educational Approach. Assumes that a lot of our racism is due to ignorance.
Diversity Training is an ____________.
Educational approach. In the work place. Wants to identify possible problems & wants to find solutions.
Affirmative Action is ______________-.
Taking affirmative steps to make your worl place is more diverse.
What are the 3 Broad categories of Views of Other Religions?
1. Religious Pluralism 2. Religious Inclusivism 3. Religious Exclusivism
Religious Pluralism is defined as ______________.
All religions are, valid, equal, & deserving of respect. (multi-culturalism)
Religious Inclusivism is defined as _____________.
one's own religion is the only completely true religion, but other religions contain some truth. (Intolerance starts here)
Religious Exclusiviism is defined as _____________.
one's own religion is the ONLY VALID religion, ALL others are in grave error & are false religions.
Secularization is defined as ___________.
diminishing importance of religion that frequently occurs in modern societies.
The US is more or less religious than Britain & Canada?
What are the 4 Characteristics of Fundamentalism?
1. Literal Interpretation 2. Reject Religious Pluralism 3. Personal relationship with god 4. Conservative Political Agenda