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Define a Primary Relationships
intimate, face-to-face, supportive, emotionally contactful, nuturing relationships that entail a concern about the "whole person"
These kinds of relationships are found in families, close friendships, and loving relationships that may lead to marriage
Define Secondary Relationships
conditional, limited, less personal in a genuine sense than primary relationships. Very common and sometimes are manipulated to appear as if there is a closer contact than might be expected
Lack the personal warmth and ongoing contact that primary relationships have
Tertiary relationships
Represent a reltively new development that is characteristic of a technology influenced age.
Internet, non-face to face, crush on a celebrity.. etc..
Define the Implicit personality theory
This is the general expectations that we build about a person after we know something of their central traits.
When we believe that a happy person is also friendly
Assumed Similarity
Expectations that others will be much the way that the person perceiving them is
A naive conclusion to draw
Oversimplified descriptions or characterizations of people, behaviour, and situations
forus upon a limited number of features that are exaggerated. Seldom true
The Halo Effect
Distortion the relates to the pressence of a single characteristic that is viewed as desirable or undesirable. The first traits we recognize in other people then influence the interpretation and perception of latter ones.
From Kelley's implicit personality theory
Social Systems
Networks of interaction, comprised of two or more interdependent positions. Have goals, provide anchor points for the identities of those participating in them
often have uniquely funtioning communications networks within them
Functional Imperatives
The requirements or demands that must be met or addressed if a social system is to survive or maintain stability
It is very likely that only some of the functional impreatives that may be identified with a particular social system will effectively be met.
What is a "front"
Part of a person's role performance that serves, in a regular and fixed fashion, to define a situation for others
Can Include: Appearance, Manner, Setting
The way that a person acts when in the presence of others
Includes what a person does, as well as the way in which he or she behaves in presenting himself or herself
refers to the physical place in which a role performance that is designed to impress actually occurs
Relate to relationships
Includes elements that cannot easily be changed.