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repeal of townshend acts
because of another colonial boycott, parllament cancelled towns head acts *except for tax on tea*
Sons of Liberty
Groups of men who lived in Boston and other cities
threatened stamp sellers.
involved in many riots in some cities.
How did the New York Assembly react to the Quartering Act?
were against it until they were threatened their power would be taken away
townshend acts
1. New taxes: paint paper lead glass and tea
2. taxes would pay for british soliders
3. writs of assistance: allowed soldiers to search homes and business for smuggling at anytime
4. didn't allow NY assembly to meet.
Boston Tea Party
Band of colonists dressed up like indians boarded 3 british ships and threw 342 crates of tea into Boston harbor
Intolerable Acts: murder act
british soldiers accused of serious crimes in America were put on trial in England
Repeal of Stamp Act
became about because of a boycott.
parlament canceled stamp act.
Declaratory act: parlamentsaid they still have the right to tax colonies
Committees of Correspondence
Formed by Sam Adams kept American colonists informed
wrote letters throughout colonies
Quarting Act
required colonists to lodge British soliders. ordered colonal governments to pay for such items such as candles, firewood, bedding, salt and vinegar.
Stamp Act Congress
representatives from other colonies met in New York
wrote up decloaration of rights sent protest letter to King George
Boston Massacre
a group of angry boston citizens threw snow balls and ice at "lobsterbacks" (british soldiers) protecting court house.
a shot was fired soldiers shot into crowd 5 people were killed including Crispus Attucks
at trial all but 2 soldiers were found not guilty
Intolerable Acts: Quartering Act
allowed british to station troops in private homes
Proclamation of 1763
closed all lands west of Appalachian Mountains to the colonists. no settlements beyond the proclamation
Stamp Act
required colonists to buy a revebue stamps when they bought:
1. registered legal documents
2.newspapers, pamphlets, almanacs, playing cards, liquor licenses.
Tea Act
allowed british east india company to sell tea without a tax. colonies still had to pay tax on tea
Intolerable Acts: Mass. Government Act
Allowed British army to rule mass
First COntinental Congress
1.Supported Mass
2.Statement saying Intolerable acts were unfair
3.Sent letter of grievances to King
4.Called for further acts of protest
5.Set up continental association to enforce an embargo (ban on trade)
6.Agreed to meet again in May 1775
Intolerable Acts: Boston Port Bill
closed part of boston until all tea was paid for