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a professional writer
a market selling different kinds of goods
the belief in many gods
Ancient city of Babylonia
A traditional story; in some cultures, a legend that explains peoples beliefs
Many territories and people who are controlled by one government
Fertile Cresent
a region in southwest Asia; site of the worlds first civilizations
Nebuchadnezzar II
the king of the New Babylonian Empire from about 605 - 561 BC
An ancient region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in southwest Asia
A group of traders traveling together.
Assyrian Military inventions
-battering ram
-expert archers
Babylons location
Babyon was located in babylonia which is one of the two largest cities in Mesopotamia
Which civilization was interested in astronomy?
The Assyrian civilization
Who united Sumerian city-states?
King Hammurabi united the city states of Sumer to create Babylonia
Which city had the big library?
New Babylonia
Which City had the big library?
The empire of Assyria
Why did people settle in the fertile crecent?
because it had rich soil and life giving rivers
What is a ziggurat?
they are small rooms at the top of temples which are used by gods to descend to earth
Why did the Sumerians fight?
Sumerian city-states fought over land and use of river water
Why were scribes important?
Scribes were important people because they were the only people in the land who could keep records kings and priests.