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Nathen hale
ct. officer that slipped under british lines and returned to them with details
one of the generals of the army
john paul jones
in his most famous battle in sept. 1779,he commanded the "bonhomme richard"
marquis de lafayette
a young french noble, who brought trained soldiers to help the patriot cause
french noble
Thaddeus kosusciuso
He was an enegineer/ he helped build forts and other defences.
Benidict arnold
he led the second army north through marine. He was supposed to join forces with montgomery in quebec
hhe led the second army.....
Freidrich von stuben
he trained washingtons continential troops to march and drill. he served in the prussian army consided the best in europe
trained washing... continential troops
Francis marion
from south carolinia added to british frustrations , he led a band of militia who often slept by day and traveled by night
slept by day traveled by night
betsey ross
she sewed flags for washingtons army and she made the first flag of stars and stripes
molly pitcher
in battle of monmouth in 1778 called her "moll of pitcher"
moll of pitcher
william pitt
became the new head of the british gov.he sent britians best generals to north america
james wolfe
his mission was to take quebec (the capitol of new france)
the british
in 1759 by summer they had pushed the french from fort niagra, crown point,and fort ticonderoga
albany plan of union
was an attempt to create 1 general gov. for the 13 colonies
edward braddock
british general and colonial troops in an attack againest fort duquesne.his nickname was "bulldog" cuz he was so stuborn.