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What were the federalist papers?
Essays supporting the constitution published by
When was the bill of rights written?
What section of the constituion protects our rights?
The Bill of Rights
Who was Lewis' partner?
What is a lock on a canal?
a tool that raises and lowers boats
Why was andrew jackson called the common man presdent?
Because he shook hands with his people and he was down to earth, he was also a hero of the war of 1812`
In 1840 what was the only group that could vote for president?
White men
What main issue concerned the seneca falls convention?
Who created the Missouri Compromise?
Henry Clay
What was the main argument that southern states used to leave the union?
What was stephen douglasses idea on how states should decide about slavery?
popular sovreignity
How did the battle of shiloh get its name?
It was near a church named Shiloh
Where were the draft riots?
What is Habeus Corpus?
The right to know why your going to jail
Who was Aaron Burr?
Thomas Jeffersons vice president
What was the XYZ affair?
When us sent agents to meet with france and they refused to see them, instead sending three agents to get money from the US. the Us refused
Who was the first secretary of the treasury
Alexander Hamilton
Who was York?
Brother of king charles, Ney York named after him
What did Stephan Decatur?
A 25 year old naval captain who captured a U.S. ship that was controlled by pirates and burned it
What are customs duties?
taxes on foreign imported goods
What is tribute?
money paid for protection
What was William Bucknells route called?
Santa Fe Trail
Who was James Beckwourth?
a black virginian who explored Wyoming's green river
Who was raised by the cherokee?
Sam Houston
How did the North make most of its money?
Factories & textiles
How did the south make most of its money?
What are fixed costs?
regular expenses that stay the same year after year
What increased the production of cotton?
the cotton gin
What does an overseer do?
watched the slaves as their working
How did Lincoln and Douglass feel about the Mexican War?
They did not like the mexican war
What three departments did congress set up to help washington run the war?
judicial, executive, legislative
Which president annexed Texas?
How were ranchos and plantation owners similar?
Ranchos used native americans as their slaves and
Why did southern states dislike hamiltons plans to pay off debt?
The south thoughtnthey would have to pay more than there share because they hadnt borrowed as much
What was the proclomation of neutrality?
issued by george washington to prevent americans from fighting with france or england and it also blocked france and british ships from coming into american ports
what was the whig partys campaign slogan in 1844?
Tippecanoe and Tyler too!
What were the details of the adams-onis treaty?
Spain gave the US east& west florida. U.S. gave up Spanish Texas and paid the 5 million owed
Did the Missouri Compromise cause any problems between the north and the south?
Yes, the missouri compromise temporarily fixed the problem but sectionalism was still there.
Why did the era of good feelings end?
Why did washington only serve two terms?
he wanted to go home & he was getting old
Did hamilton and Jefferson same the same ideas on how to run the country?
What were washingtons feelings about political parties?
they should not exist and they are wrong
How did steamboats affect the economies of river cities?
Steamboats boosted the economy of river cities
What did locks do and what were they used for?
locks were seperate compartments where water levels were raised or lowered