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Waht is the formal definition of SP? Describe each part.
The systematic study of the nature and causes of human behavior. Human behavior: Sociologists study human behavior; systematic study: we use scientific methods; nature and causes: we study what people do and why they do it
What are SP's basic elements?
Behavior: Actions, what you do; Cognitions: thoughts, judgements; Affect: feelings, emotions.
What significance did 'Where is the love' have in class?
The basic elements of SP can be seen in the song, the affects are it makes you feel appreciative, the cognitions are it makes you feel sheltered, and the behavior may cause you to tap your foot or sing along, or even cry.
What is the quadrant of action?
Culture/Meaning, Body/Physicality, Other/Sociality, Mind/Conciousness
Describe breakfast in the Q of A
Culture: soup for b'fast in japan, eating cold pizza in college... Body: if you work out you want to eat healthy, if you sleep in you wan an unhealthy breakfast... Sociality of breakfast: parents teach you how to eat right, what a balanced breakfast is... Mind: not sure what you are eating
S v. P, what are the differences
S focuses on relationships and things on people... P focuses on why people make decisions they do in there mind
What is borderwork?
The interaction that defines or maintains the difference between groups
What are three examples of borderwork?
Chasing games, rituals of pollution, invasion
T or false, borderwork only happens in children... name examples of it in adults
False, Fem hygene commercial: ritual of pollution, Womens room as home base- chasing game, invasion- crashing a girls party b/c you like her
What are the 3 faces of SP?
Social structure and personality, group processes, and symbolic interaction
Describe an example of social structure and personality
PC is white, a PhD, liberal, a mother, etc... these define her personality, and we could probably guess her stance on things and her values and beliefs
How do we study social structure and personality?
Survey data
What are the 3 things associated w/ positions in the social structure?
Role expectations: mothers should be patient... social networks: PC's friend's don't interact with students like she does... Status or prestige: these positions are associated with these things
What are types of groups?
Gender, class, cliques, age, family, etc...
What is a group?
Two or more people with membership, goals, norms, interaction between members
What is symbolic interaction?
How symbols aquire meaning through interaction
What do SI's say? and give examples of it...
The nature of social life and social order are the products of communication... 'i need a drink'... 'I feel ill'... a bottle can be a vase, a gift, a weapon, etc... PC's son calls a girl a dog... SI's say a gum wrapper can be worth more than a ring...
Describe briefly social structure and peronality, group process, and SI
SS&P: Role expectations, social networks, status/prestige; GP: membership, interaction, goals, norms; SI: human nature and the social order are the products of communication between people, we act toward things on the basis of meaning we have for them, meanings are the products of communication
What is grouping, what is splitting?
G- lumping things together, S- focus on a difference and split
What are the 3 parts of social construction of reality?
Externalization- cultural products are created 'race' for example, objectification- products take on a life of their own, seperate from their creators, internalization- we learn objective facts about the cultural products
How do we learn socialization?
We can learn this from interpersonality, institutionality, and internally.
What are the 3 parts of social construction of reality? (cocaine)
Externailzation- cultural product is created 'cocaine epidemic', objectification- cultural product separated from its creator, takes on life of its own 'crack epidemic' started by media and politicians but it is objectified when it becomes separated from these, internalization- learn stereotypes, facts, meaning, etc...
What are the 3 parts of internalization?
Institutional internalization- politicians, family, tv, media... interpersonal- observing the interperosnality, internal- we internalize these, 'people who do crack are from the inner city'
What are the steps of critical thinking?
Identify and challenge assumptions (what we've heard, wome more nurturing than men, crack taking over society, etc...), awarness of time and place in a culture (crystal meth is new crack), search for alternative ways of thinking (addiction- tobacco and alcohol more addictive) and pervasive (Bush: everyone is buying and selling crack), develop reflective analysis (who benefits? politicians benefit from drug assumptions)
What is a hypothesis? What are examples of ind. and dep. variables?
Educated guess that relates the relationship of two variables... hours studying- ind. variable... exam grades... dep variable
What are examples of samples of surveys?
Convenience sample (class survey), population sample (ND students), random sample (every person has equal chance of being chosen), snowball sample (hand out a survey, give to five of your friends)
What is validity?
Are you measuring what you are trying to measure? Avg. sleep in a weeknight (don't ask on a thursday)
What is reliabilty?
Would you get the same result if you did this study again?
What are field studies? What is a problem?
Immersing yourself... going to a strip club, take a job as a stripper... a problem is generalizablity, can you generalize your findings for all women/strippers?
T or F: SI uses field studies?
Content Analysis is?
Look at du Lac, IRS statements, etc...
Experiments, describe them:
Uusually group process,es want to explain how things work in the abstract, we want to control the variables (strong leadership v. weak leadership), randomly assigning people to two conditions (see what group gets further on the task)