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What is the difference between Surveys and In-Dept?
Surveys are narrative into getting straight to the poit.

In-Dept have opened ended questions
What is the worst combination we should try to avoid, when mixing survey and in-dept interviews?
A study with small narrow topic, short interviews, fixed questions  not generalizable – or in-dept
What should an ethic statment include?
informal consent, voluntary participation, and confidentiality
What is an interview schedule?
A semi structure of an interview,it addresses the general principles, it is an outline with smooth transitition and flexibility
How do you develop an interview schedule?
1. Brainstorm an Outline
2. Make outline more specfic
3. Turn outline into a list of questions
What is a probe?
A technique employed in interviewing to solicit a more complete answer to a question. It is a nondirective phrase or question used to encourage a respondent to elaborate on an answer.
What would a tradictionalist and feminist have to say about telling interviewees about ourselves?
Traditional- avoid telling anything about yourself, take it as a professional interview
Feminist– flatten the hierarchy, bring them comfort
What are some principles to keep in mind when asking questions?
- keep respondent intrested
- ask open ended questions